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Captain Jack Communications
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All Rights Reserved

Domestic Orders:
Regular Shipping: Our shipping charge for packages delivered within the 50 United States is $6.50 per order regardless of size. If you have requested that back ordered items be sent at a later time, you will be charged an additional $6.50 when the second package ships.

All shipments under 4 pounds are sent via US Priority Mail. Larger shipments may be sent via UPS ground at our discretion. In either case, packages are insured against loss or damage and usually arrive at your door in 2 to 4 days.

Cheaper shipping: Yes you can save money on small orders by requesting Special Fourth Class US Mail shipping. Shipping rates for packages sent Fourth Class start at $3 for one CD and increase as the weight goes up. Based upon our experiences, we have two reasons why you should NOT request Fourth Class shipping

  1. Fourth Class packages take anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks to arrive. The post office itself has no clue how long it will take a package to arrive. Also, deliveries during the Christmas Season tend to take even longer.
  2. Fourth Class packages are not insured and they do get lost. About 80% of the packages arrive safely, but if your package gets lost or damaged we will NOT refund your money or replace broken items.

Air Delivery: Overnight and 2nd Day Air services are available at extra costs. The minimum charge for 2nd Day Air is $14 and the minimum for Next Day Air is $20. Please call us first to check availability for this option! Occasionally, we attend conventions and are unable to offer immediate shipping. We will not guarantee delivery for a particular day unless you have talked to us on the phone first. Orders that indicate air delivery that have not been verified with a phone call will be sent ASAP, but we cannot guarantee that your order will ship the same day we received it.

Foreign Orders:
We can not give exact figures for shipping to countries outside the US until we know the destination and weight of your order. The shipping costs described below are only estimates. International shipping costs change constantly. Canada and Mexico are usually cheaper while African and Asian countries (including Japan) may be more than 25% higher. Also some countries levy custom duties or taxes on your package. We can not be responsible for these fees nor do we have any way of telling you what these fees will be. Our experience has been that most packages we send arrive without fees. We only mention these fees to forewarn you that they MAY be payable when your package arrives.

Credit Card: If you order with Visa, Discover or Mastercard, we will charge you the exact air or shipping costs plus $5 to cover packing and documentation.

Money Order or US Bank Check: If you plan to order with a money order or a check (see Types of Payment), we will happily quote exact shipping costs via email upon request. Send us an email or fax listing what you want to order and we will fax you a quote. If you don't ask for a quote before sending your order, be aware that we will not be able to refund any overpayment and any significant underpayment will result in your package being sent with items missing at our discretion.

With above information in mind, here are rough estimates of international shipping costs:
Surface Shipping: Packages arrive in 4 to 8 weeks. Rate is about $9 for orders up to three recordings plus $0.75 for each additional recording. Shipping for sheet music is about $7 plus 12% of the total cost of the music you are ordering.
Air Shipping: This is our recommended shipping method. Package arrives in 1 to 3 weeks. Rate is about $10 for first recording and $1.25 for each additional recording. For sheet music shipping a good estimate is $9 plus 17% of the total cost of the music you are ordering.
UPS Worldwide Express: This is fast and very reliable, but expensive. Delivery is 2 to 4 days for most locations. Prices start at $25 (not including customs fees).
UPS Ground to Canada: Delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks. Prices start at $15.

Some Real Examples:
3 CDs going to Europe. Surface shipping = $9.03 or Airmail Shipping = $12.80
5 sheet music items (brass quintets = $45) going to Europe. Surface shipping = $10.83 and Airmail Shipping = $15.40
2 CDs, 3 sheet music items ($8 each) going to Europe. Surface shipping = $8.93 or Airmail Shipping = $14.60
15 CDs going to Japan. Surface shipping = $14.97 or Airmail Shipping = $35.85
3 CDs going to Canada. Surface Shipping = $7.90 or Airmail Shipping = $9.07

If you require further information, please feel free to email us. Thank you.