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Sheet Music  -  Trombone
01.Unaccompanied Trombone -- Seven Vignettes

for Bass Trombone. The 7 tonal, jazz flavored movements of vignettes ask the performner to do many special effects. The first movement (Shadows Sherlocks and Seven Clues) requires a very few simple multiphonics. The second movement (52nd Street) asks the performer to be seated and play a ride cymbal as accompaniment. The third movement (Theoretical - Introduction and Grand Valse) begins with punctuated rhythm and the use of syllables (one-vee-eh-nn-ee-zz) in the introduction, giving us "one vienese." The Fourth movement (Pentatonic Paradise) makes no unusual demands on the player. The fifth movement (Wild Mouse) is performed standing so as to make lots of physical gestures while playing. A police whistle is also required. The sixth movement (Love Song) is straightforward, but the barlines do not represent any particular time signature. They are present only to help the performer keep his place in the music. The final movement (Ragtime) makes extensive use of a plunger and some pitches altered by a quarter tone. Very interesting work for a college level recital.
Catalog: TBSE05  Composer/Arranger: Wolking, Henry

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