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Tuba - Jazz

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19 items

Offer!       Carolino, Sergio
"Agreements & Disagreements: 2 Tubas and Friends"

Playlist: With Anne Jelle Visser on the other Tuba. Tunes are: BTT /Agreements & Disagreements/ Three Left Feet/ Tripin/ Three Fall/ Le Steak/ Duh Blooze
Catalog: TUCS03  Label: SC 001  Format: CD
  $16.00 USD!
(before 21.00)
You save: 24%

Offer!       Carolino, Sergio
"Steel aLive!"

Playlist: Jorge Salgueiro: Concerto for Tuba and Brass Band Op136, Jim Self: Duh-Suite for two tubas & drums, Thierry Caens: Mr. M.C. Concerto for Tuba Symphonic Brass Ensemble & Percussion, Jerry Grant: Time Cycles for Tuba & M.I.D.I. (CD accompaniment), Michael Davis: Eagles Landing, Miles Davis: All Blues (Arranged by EstardalhaƧo Brass Band), Sergio Carolino: DidjiriTUBAzz for tuba solo
Catalog: TUCS02  Label: Afinaudio 280  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 21.00)
You save: 43%

      Carolino, Sergio
"Tuba Guitarra & Bateria(8/2003 w/gtr & drums)"

Playlist: Tunes are:Pipa Baquigrafo/ 3.4.7/ Inercia/ Pascoal Joins the Dark Force/ Lilli's Funk- Intro/ Lilli's Funk- Theme/ Brilliant Corners/ So/ Un Poco Loco/ Black Dog
Catalog: TUCS01  Label: Clean Feed 23  Format: CD
  $21.00 USD

      Draper, Ray
"Tuba Jazz w/John Coltrane (5tet 12/20/57)"

Playlist: Tunes are: Clifford's Kappa, Filidia, Two Sons, Paul's Pal, Under Paris Skies, Hadn't Anyone Till You. 40 min
Catalog: TUD05  Label: OJC 986  Format: CD
  $13.00 USD

Offer!       Gannett, Dave
"Tubas from Hell (small groups 1993)"

Playlist: Pennies from Heaven, Sugar, etc. 13 standards 52 min
Catalog: TUG02  Label: D'Note 155  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 29%

Offer!       Heavy Tuba
"At Montreaux Jazz Festival"

Playlist: I Caught A Touch Of Your Love / Concerto Aus Der Tube / Didge I Do / Theme Of Bolero / Para Ti / Toccata by J.S.Bach / Count Phenomium / Tadellos / Here Comes The Night
Catalog: TUH06  Label: ATS 521  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 18.00)
You save: 50%

Offer!       Heavy Tuba
"Faces Live (11 low brass & rhy)"

Playlist: Live rock. Hendrix: Voodoo Chile, Pethel: Monday Night, Sass: 148 St Blues/Meltdown.Going Uptown, Tautenhahn: In Phase Out, Thomas: Spinning Wheel, Bach: Prelude, McDonald: Las Zorras Pocas/Pork Fat & Black-Eyed Peas, Pecha: Hvezdonicka, Pastorius: Fanny Mae
Catalog: TUH04  Label: ATS 450  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 18.00)
You save: 50%

      Heavy Tuba
"Pictures at an Exhibition"

Playlist: Promenade 1/ Der Gnom/ Promenade 2/ Das Alte Schloss/ Quangelnde Kinderschar/ Promenade 3/ Das Ur-Viech/ Der Eiertanz/ Promenade 4/ Die Katakomben/ Die Baba-Yaga-Saga/ Das Grosse tor von Kiew.
Catalog: TUH08  Label: ATS 560  Format: CD
  $18.00 USD

      Heavy Tuba
"Sagenjaft (Live Oct-Dec 1997)"

Playlist: 9 cuts 67 min
Catalog: TUH05  Label: ATS 490  Format: CD
  $18.00 USD

      Matteson-Phillips Tubajazz Consort

Playlist: Musicians include: Rich Matteson & Ashley Alexander & Buddy Baker on Euphonium Plus Harvey Phillips & Daniel Perantoni & Winston Morris on Tuba. Tunes are: Spoofy/ Lucky Southern/ Oleo/ Little Ole Softy/ Stompin at the Savoy/ Gregory is Here/ Summertime/ Noreen's Nocturne/ Georgia on My Mind/ Things Ain't What They Used to Be/ Waltzing Matilda. 72 min.
Catalog: TUMR08  Label: HPF-TJ 3  Format: CD
  $21.00 USD

      Matteson-Phillips Tubajazz Consort
"Tubajazz Superhorns Live"

Playlist: Musicians include: Rich Matteson & Ashley Alexander & & John Allred & Buddy Baker on Euphonium Plus Harvey Phillips & Daniel Perantoni & Winston Morris on Tuba. Tunes are: In a Mellow Tone/ Senor Blues/ Bye Bye Blues/ C.T.'s Blues/ Shuckin and Jivin/ Oleo/ Your Mama Ain't Got No Draws. 72 min.
Catalog: TUMR07  Label: HPF-TJ 4  Format: CD
  $21.00 USD

Offer!       Modern Jazz Tuba Project
"Live at the Bottom Line (Eu-Tu 6tet with rhythm)"

Playlist: Tunes are: Cherokee/ Valvin on a Riff/ Skylark/ Rene's Song/ Cookin' at the Continental/ Sandu/ Summer Knows/ Blue Rondo a la Turk/ I-95/ Oleo. 55 min. Players include: Billy Huber/ Barry Green/ Marcus Dickman-Eu & Joe Murphy/ Richard Perry/ Winston Morris-Tu.
Catalog: TUMJ03  Label: Heartdance Music 1090  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 13.00)
You save: 38%

      Pilafian, Sam
"A Travelin' Light Christmas (w/Banjo, Clarinet, & Drums)"

Playlist: 16 cuts 53 min
Catalog: TUP05  Label: Telarc 83330  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Pilafian, Sam
"Getting it Together (for beginning jazz improvisation)"

Playlist: 70 min CD w/20 page instruction booklet. No sheet music included because the idea is to learn to play without it.
Catalog: TUPS07  Label: Summit 183  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Pilafian, Sam
"Makin' Whoopee(w/2 Guitars, Drums & Clarinet)"

Playlist: 17 cuts 61 min
Catalog: TUPS02  Label: Telarc 83324  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Pilafian, Sam
"Marohnic-Pilafian Jazz Nonet()"

Playlist: Recreation-Tribute to Miles Davis 'Cool Jazz' performances. Featured soloists are Sam Pilafian(Tu) & Greg Hopkins(Tp)Tunes include: Boplicity/ Hidden Agenda/ Bas Relief/ israel/ Mode to John/ Just Blues/ Moondreams/ Mystic Valley. 53 min
Catalog: TUPS13  Label: Summit 229  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Pilafian, Sam
"Meltdown(w/sax & drums 1998?)"

Playlist: 14 cuts 60 min
Catalog: TUPS10  Label: Summit 227  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Pilafian, Sam
"Travelin' Light(w/2 Guitars & Piano)"

Playlist: 13 cuts 50 min
Catalog: TUPS01  Label: Telarc 80281  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Sass, Jon

Playlist: Tunes are:Right of Way/ Citywalker/ Look it's Rainbow Tuba/ Heart 2 Heart/ Go With the Flow/ Outside Inside/ Waltz Beyond the Light/ Para Ti/ Another Purple Light/ Tuba-T/ Buzzin/ Wetbottom/ La Musa
Catalog: TUSJ21  Label: ATS 582  Format: CD
  $18.00 USD