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Horn - Jazz

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10 items

Offer!       Chancey, Vincent
"Welcome Mr. Chancey (4tet 6/89)"

Playlist: No Composers Listed: The Man Say Something / The Spell / A Night to Remember / A Day in Ocho Rios / Barefoot Bahian Girl / Chazz 40 min
Catalog: HNCV01  Label: In+Out 7020  Format: CD
  $5.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 71%

Offer!       Clark, John
"I Will (small groups 10/7/96)"

Playlist: Tunes are: India-96th Street Sonata/ Casilda/ Mellow Max/ King Bert/ My One and Only Love/ Bad Attitude/ Now You Start/ Airegin/ I Will/ Sister EMC 10 cuts 54 min
Catalog: HCJ03  Label: Postcards 1016  Format: CD
  $4.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 76%

Offer!       Clark, John
"Il Suono (7tet w/Dave Taylor-Bass Tb 6/92)"

Playlist: Tunes include: Mustang Sally/ Buster's move/ Groove from the Louvre/ Hot Fried fish/ Dolphin Dance/ Miraita/ Il Suono Delle Ragazze Che Ridono/ Pretty Loose. 53 min.
Catalog: HCJ02  Label: CMP 59  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Rattigan, Jim
"Unfamiliar Guise(5tet 11/21/99)"

Playlist: Tunes are: Padraig/ Aodan/ Second Thought/ Change At Barons Court/ Lament/ Why Ask/ Road Rage/ Unfamilier Guise/ Labyrinth. 58 min.
Catalog: HNRJ01  Label: Black Box 1010  Format: CD
  $5.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 74%

Offer!       Taylor, Mark
"Quietland (5tet 1997)"

Playlist: 11 cuts 73 min. Tunes include: Lullabye/ Triologue/ Osmium Zmindar's Untimely Arrival/ Kennebrew's Dance/ Improvisation #2/ Black Crow/ Sleep Now I Will Watch/ Quondam/ Trimefield/ Do You Dream of These/ Quietland
Catalog: HTM07  Label: Mapleshade 5232  Format: CD
  $6.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 63%

Offer!       Todd, Richard
"With a Twist(small groups)"

Playlist: Tunes include: Night Walk/ Discovery/ Song After Sundown/ Central Avenue Strut/ Quiet Time/ Emily/ Days of Wine & Roses/ Race/ Round Midnight/ In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning. 55 min.
Catalog: HTR04  Label: RCM 12005  Format: CD
  $5.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 74%

"Give it One(16 horns & rhythm section)"

Playlist: Tunes are: Los Jaraneros/ Not Like This/ Give It One/ Fat Belly Blues/ The Trolley Song/ Daydream/ Caseoso/ Three Point Turn/ Lana's Lullaby/ The Way We Were/ God Bless The Child/ Blues For Hughie/ Sound of Music Jazz Suite (How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?/ Edelweiss/ My Favourite Things/Climb Ev’ry Mountain/ The Hills Are Alive)
Catalog: HNVA34  Label: Cala 117  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

Offer!       Varner, Tom
"Long Night Big Day (w/alto & Tsaxs, bass & drums 1/90)"

Playlist: 9 cuts 63 min. Tunes include: Big Day/ Search for Sanity/ Wind Trio+/ Prince of Jamaica/ March for the Cocoon Shredders/ Arts & Leisure/ Prayer for Deliverance/ Cabin in the Future/ Long Night
Catalog: HVT01  Label: New World 80410  Format: CD
  $3.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 82%

Offer!       Wiley, Ken
"Highbridge Park"

Playlist: Tunes are: Jungle/ Burning Leaves/ French Girls/ Cuba Libre/ Highbridge Park/ Guarapo Walk/ Liberal City/ Secret Rite
Catalog: HNWK03  Label: Krug Park 002  Format: CD
  $3.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 84%

Offer!       Wiley, Ken
"Visage(small groups)"

Playlist: Tunes are: Fantasy Hook/ Solemnis/ Soldanella/ Missouri Dream/ Fourth World/ Caloris/ River Pastoral
Catalog: HNWK02  Label: Krug Park 001  Format: CD
  $3.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 84%