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Bassoon - Jazz

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Offer!       Braun, Dick
"Bassoon Bugs: Exotic Woodwind Jazz(BS & or Contra Bs all tracks w/rhythm section)"

Playlist: Big Shorty/ Moody/ I Never Get to Play the Melody/ Honey horn/ I Don't Stand a Chance/ Think Big/ Great Grandma's Roking Chair/ Slo & Lo/ Indubbitably/ Dark Eyes/ A Cl on the Trail of a Wounded BS/ Mindless Shuffle/ Bassoonova/ A Flute'll/ Billy's Blues/ Get Smart/ 3 Bedposts/ Pensive Mood/ Vince's Tune/ Midnight Stroll/ Shiftless Shuffle/ The Whole Ball of Wax/ 3 Brothers/ Hostility/ Slidin'/ Gotcha Cha Cha
Catalog: BSBD03  Label: Ybarra Music 571  Format: CD
  $6.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 65%

Offer!       Grice, Janet
"Dream Travels(4tet 2000)"

Playlist: Tunes include: A Felicidade/ Paraty/ Summer's End/ Searching for a Choro/ Dream Brother/ Loro/ Affinity/ Mexico/ Bebe. 58 min
Catalog: BSGJ02  Label: GriceJG 2746  Format: CD
  $3.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 84%

Offer!       Hanson, Paul
"Voodoo Suite(4tet 2000)"

Playlist: Tunes are: Woods of Red/ Rite Scorpio/ We'll Be Together Again/ Love for Sale/ The Gold Coast(w/Paul McCandless-Ob)/ Cynthia/ Strawberri Prelude/ Strawberri Suite/ Voodoo Logic
Catalog: BSHP02  Label: None 001  Format: CD
  $14.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 26%

Offer!       Rabinowitz, Michael
"Gabrielle's Ballroom (4tet 1996)"

Playlist: Tunes include: Gabrielle's Balloon/ Eronel/ Bernie's Tune/ Monk's Mood/ Nica's Blues/ The Night Has a 1000 Eyes/ Have You Met Miss Jones/ Again Again/ Bergen Express/ Spoons. 65 min
Catalog: BSRM02  Label: Jazz Focus 11  Format: CD
  $4.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 75%

Offer!       Rabinowitz, Michael
"Ocean Eyes(4tet 8/19/03)"

Playlist: Tunes are: Flow Chart/ The Frog & the Princess/ Cen/ FMB/ For Meryl/ Sunrise/ Oneirology/ True & False/ Once Upon a Time/ Hurricane Ridge Waltz/ Ocean Eyes.
Catalog: BSRM07  Label: Oe 5741  Format: CD
  $4.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 75%

Offer!       Rabinowitz, Michael
"Rabinowitz in Utopia(5tet w/Kathy Halvorson-Ob 6/27/98)"

Playlist: Tunes include: Scorch Samba/ Supertonic Mania/ Blues for Alice/ Nica's Rainbow/ Bernie's Tune/ What is This Kid Called/ First Night Blues/ Alone Together/ A Moment's Notice. 57 min
Catalog: BSRM01  Label: Edition Compudisc 9801  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 50%

Offer!       Savedoff, Allen
"Contradiction(contrabassoon w/various acc)"

Playlist: Yes jazz on the contrabassoon! Tunes are: Brazil/ I Feel Pretty Good/ Contradance/ When I Fall in Love/ Summertime/ Caravan/ Round Midnight/ Vista/ Stolen Moments/ Anything You Can Do I Can Do Lower/ Speak Low/ Rumble/ Birdland. 56 min.
Catalog: BSSA01  Label: Capstone 8696  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 18.00)
You save: 50%