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Video - Classical

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Offer!       Lindberg, Christian
"No Title-(w/Swedish Radio Orch)"

Playlist: This is a 12 inch laser disc. Lindberg requested this only be released as a laser disc. It is not available as a videotape! Luciano Berio: Sequenza V(unacc), Jan Sandstrom: Cto(Motorbike Cto), John Cage: Solo for Sliding Tb(unacc), Mauricio Kagel: Atem(unacc)
Catalog: VLM02  Label: BIS 558  Format: VHS
  $1.00 USD!
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You save: 98%

      Lindberg, Christian
"The Total Musician"

Playlist: Includes: Two Documentary films: ‘To Follow Your Own Star’; ‘Across The Pond And Beyond’ Four Filmed Performances: JAN SANDSTROM (*1954): ‘Motorbike Concerto’; LUCIANO BERIO (1925 - 2003): Sequenza V; MAURICIO KAGEL (*1931): Atem; JOHN CAGE (1912 - 1992): Solo And two ‘music videos’: Bombay Bay Barracuda; Brassbones Featuring Christian Lindberg, trombone; Charles Vernon, bass trombone; Ole Edvard Antonsen, trumpet; Håkan Hardenberger, trumpet Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Miguel Harth-Bedoya Swedish Wind Ensemble Nordic Chamber Orchestra; etc. NTSC / Region code: 0 (Worldwide) / Languages: English & Swedish (with English subtitles) BIS’ first-ever DVD is dedicated to one of the label’s most charismatic and longest-standing artists: Christian Lindberg. It forms an extensive - 3h 40 minutes - portrayal of this multi-facetted musician who since his début on disc (on BIS 258) in 1984 almost single-handedly has turned the trombone into a solo instrument. But those who have followed his career, and his discography on BIS, will know that over the past few years Lindberg has also been developing a reputation as a composer and conductor. In celebration of his 50th birthday, BIS is therefore releasing this DVD which reflects all aspects of his extraordinary career. The DVD includes two hour-long documentaries. One of these is a highly personal portrait of Lindberg in all his capacities featuring him with friends, colleagues and various members of the two orchestras of which he is principal conductor. The second chronicles the making of Chick'a'bone Checkout, a concerto commissioned from Lindberg for bass trombonist Charlie Vernon and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The DVD also constitutes the long-awaited re-release of four filmed performances originally issued on Laser Disc in 1992. These include Jan Sandström’s Motorbike Concerto, which has become a signature piece for Lindberg - he has performed it literally hundreds of times, including at the Last Night of the Proms in the Albert Hall! In a set of newly produced interviews included on the DVD, Lindberg discusses these vintage performances, which are complemented by a video made in 2007 with Lindberg enacting his own Bombay Bay Barracuda for trombone and tape - mostly filmed under water! The final component of this far-ranging DVD is Brassbones, a twenty-minute feature film which brings together some of the world’s finest brass players, including Christian Lindberg, Håkan Hardenberger and Ole-Edvard Antonsen in a highly entertaining take on both music and Western movies, filmed on the sets used by Sergio Leone for classics such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
Catalog: LC47  Label: BIS 1678  Format: DVD
  $21.00 USD

Offer!       Rampal, Jean-Pierre
"Art of Rampal Vol.1 & 2(Flute w/orch)"

Playlist: Telecasts from 1956-66. Francois Couperin: Concert Royal IV(7 mvmts), Bach: Sonata in g BWV1020(w/hpd), Luigi Boccherini: Cto in D, Haydn: Cto for Fl Hpd & Orch in F, Debussy: Syrinx(unacc), Mozart: Cto #1 in G k313/ Cto #2 in D K314. B&W 111 min.
Catalog: VDRJ03  Label: VAI 4227  Format: DVD
  $21.00 USD!
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Offer!       Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble
"Tuba U: Basso Profundo"

Playlist: TUBA U explores the curious tuba tribe of R. Winston Morris. Following a tuba dynasty from John Phillip Sousa to Morris, we surgically scope a tuba, tour a German tuba plant, and close in Carnegie with Gunther Schuller's Refrains. Tubas are viewed as un-sexy--ridiculous even, but the range and dexterity of Morris' tubists is remarkable. Dispelling assumptions of size and ability, here is the history and personalities of the humble tuba. 30 min. Color Stereo
Catalog: TURM02  Label: WCTE 001  Format: DVD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 25.00)
You save: 52%