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Brass Ensembles

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      American Brass 5tet
"American Visions"

Playlist: Melinda Wagner: Brass 5tet #1, Andrew Thomas: Consananze Stravaganti, Robert Beaser: Brass Quintet, Samuel Adler: Be Not Afraid the Isle is Full of Noises, Joan Tower: Fifth Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, William Schuman: American Hymn
Catalog: BAB29  Label: Summit 365  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      American Brass 5tet
"Classic American Brass"

Playlist: Charles Whittenberg: Triptych, Robert Sanders: 5tet in Bb, Elliott Carter: Brass 5tet, Ingolf Dahl: Music for Brass Instruments
Catalog: BAB16  Label: Summit 275  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      American Brass 5tet

Playlist: David Sampson: Entrance, William Lovelock: Miniature Suite, Clint Needham: Brass 5tet #1, Osvaldo Lacerda: Quintetto Concertante, Steven Sacco: 5tet, Vittorio Rieti: Incisioni
Catalog: BAB32  Label: Summit 484  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      American Brass 5tet
"New American Brass"

Playlist: Eric Ewazen:Colchester Fantasy(1.The Rose & the Crown 2.The Marquis of Granby 3.The Dragoon 4.The Red Lion), David Sampson:Morning Music, Bruce Adolph:Triskelion, Robert Dennis:Blackbird Variations, David Snow:Dance Movements
Catalog: BAB07  Label: Summit 133  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      American Brass 5tet
"No Title"

Playlist: Victor Ewald: 5tet #3 in Db, William Lovelock: Ste for Brass Instruments, Gilbert Amy: Relais, Antonio Bertali: 2 Sonatas, Bach: Contrapunctus 7
Catalog: BAB17  Label: Crystal 214  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      American Brass 5tet

Playlist: G.Schuller:Brass 5tet No.2, David Sampson:Distant Voices, Dan Welcher:Brass 5tet, Jan Bach:Triptych
Catalog: BAB12  Label: Summit 187  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      American Brass 5tet

Playlist: Plog: Mosaics, Lazarof: Invenzione Concertata, Ewald: 5tet #2 in Db Op6, Cherubini: 4 Marches, Bach: Contrapunctus VII, Brade: Courtly Canzons & Galliards, Stolzer: Fantasias, Josquin: Chansons
Catalog: BAB14  Label: Summit 263  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Atlantic Brass 5tet
"5 Chairs"

Playlist: Anthony Holborne: The New Year's Gift, Oskar Bohme: 6tet in eb Op30, Marti Epstein: The 5 Chairs, Claudio Monteverdi: 4 Madrigals, Alvin Etler: 5tet for Brass Instruments
Catalog: BAT06  Label: Summit 396  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Atlantic Brass 5tet
"A Musical Voyage"

Playlist: Telemann: Cto in Bb, Holborne: 3 Elizabethan Dances (1.Teares of the Muses 2.Image of the Melancholy 3.New Yeares Gift), Peuerl: Canzon I, Praetorius: Ste from 'Terpsichore' (1. Introduction & Courante 2.Ballet 3.Two Courantes 4.Bransle 5.Bouree), J.S. Bach: Contrapunctus 4, Ewald: 5tet #3, Arutunian: Armenian Scenes (1.Morning Song 2. Drinking Song 3.Song of Grief 4.Wedding Procession)
Catalog: BAT01  Label: Summit 119  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

Offer!       Atlantic Brass 5tet
"Fanfares & Passages"

Playlist: Michael Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore, Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #2, Bach: Prelude & Fugue in d, William Byrd: Earle of Oxford's March, Trad: Ne Irascaris Domine/ Brass Band Music from Around the World(Caballito Nicoyano/ Zvonce Kolo/ Huapango), Bernard Rands: Fanfare, Ray Luke: Compression 3, Samuel Headrick: Passages, Manuel de Falla: Fanfare from Homenajes
Catalog: BAB35  Label: Mark 4247  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
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