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Euphonium - Classical

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      Behrend, Roger

Playlist: Jean Baptist Senaille: Allegro Spiritoso, Yasuhide Ito: Fantasy Variations, Arthur Frackenpohl: Sonata for Solo Euphonium(unacc), Bach(arr.Leonard Falcon): Two Pieces(w/harp), Trad(arr.Jeff Taylor): Nautical Variations(Blow the Man Down/ Sailing Sailing/ High barbary/ Shenandoah), James Curnow: Rhapsody for Eu, Nicholas Falcone: Mazurka(unacc), Simon Mantia: Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, Arthur Pryor: Blue Bells of Scotland
Catalog: TUBE04  Label: Walking Frog 634  Format: CD
  $15.00 USD

      Bowman, Brian
"American Variations(w/wind ens)"

Playlist: Clarke:Carnival of Venice, Ermano Picchi:Fantaisie Original, Sigmund Romberg:Serenade from 'The Student Prince', Edwin Goldman:Scherzo, Herman Bellstedt:Napoli Variations, Walter Rogers:The Volunteer, The remaining works do not feature Bowman as a soloist, Morton Gould:American Salute, Frank Ticheli:Amazing Grace, Charles Ives:Variations on America, Robert Bennett:Suite of Old American Dances, David Reeves:Yankee Doodle Fantasy Humoresque, Frank Simon:March of the Majorettes
Catalog: TUBO10  Label: Walking Frog 548  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

Offer!       Bowman, Brian
"Sacred Euphonium (w/organ)"

Playlist: Mendelssohn:If with All Your Heart/O Rest in the Lord, Franck:Panis Angelicus, O'Hara:I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked, Adams:The Holy City, Pietro Yon:Gesu Bambino, Gounod:O Divine Redeemer, Malotte:The Lord's Prayer, Brahe:Bless This House, Bizet:Agnus Dei, Bach:Air from 'Suite in No.3 in D', Knapp:Open the Gates of the Temple
Catalog: TUBO09  Label: Mark 37883  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 47%

      Bowman, Brian
"The First Carnegie Hall Euphonium Recital(w/pno)"

Playlist: Antonio Capuzzi: Andante and Rondo, Arthur Frackenpohl: Sonata for Euphonium and Piano, Walter Ross: Partita for Euphonium and Piano, Samuel Adler: Four Dialogs for Euphonium and Marimba, John Boda: Sonatina for Euphonium and Synthesizer, Erman Picchi: Fantasia Originale Internationally-acclaimed soloist Brian Bowman presented the first-ever Euphonium recital at Carnegie Hall. This is the program that was performed on that recital. Bowman was principal euphonium with the U.S. Air Force Band in Washington, D.C., and is now euphonium professor at North Texas University. Bowman has the reputation as the best euphonium player in the world, and this recording demonstrates that.
Catalog: TUBB02  Label: Crystal 393  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Breuninger, Tyrone
"The Classical Euphonium (w/pno)"

Playlist: Trad: Wee Cooper of Fife, Antonio Capuzzi: Andante & Rondo from Cto for Double Bass, Philip Sparke: Aubade/ Fantasy, Joseph Horovitz: Eu Cto, Victor Ewald: Romance Op.2, James Curnow: Rhapsody for Eu, Saint Saens: My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice
Catalog: TUBT05  Label: Walking Frog 560  Format: CD
  $16.00 USD

      Childs Brothers
"Childs Play(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Ray Farr: Carnival of Venice, Keith Wilkinson: Deep Inside the Sacred Temple, Eric Wilson: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Alan Jenkins:Myfanwy, Thomas Wyss: Rondo Alla Turca/Viva Vivaldi, Ray Woodfield: Double Brass, Howard Snell: Moto Perpetuo, Alan Catherall: Softly as I leave you, John Golland: Childs Play, Bruce Fraser: Perhaps Love, Eric Ball: Calon Lan, Childs Brothers: Parade of the Tin Soldiers, Elgar Howarth: Grand Study #13, Peter Graham: Brilliante
Catalog: TUCP01  Label: Doyen 001  Format: CD
  $25.00 USD

Offer!       Childs Brothers
"Euphonium Music(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Brian Bowen: Eu Music, James Curnow: Rhapsody, John Phillips: Romance, Denzil Stephens: Solo Rhapsody, John Golland: Eu Cto #1 Op 64, Elgar Howarth: Cantabile for John Fletcher, Philip Sparke: Fantasy
Catalog: TUCP03  Label: Doyen 002  Format: CD
  $18.00 USD!
(before 25.00)
You save: 28%

Offer!       Childs Brothers
"Welsh Wizards(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Darrol Barry: Fascinating Euphs, Nicholas Brodsky: Be My Love, Bruce Fraser: Fantastic Fast Fingered Fandango, Catherall: Elfride/Song of the Seashore/Only Love, Elgar: Salut d'amour, TJ Powell: Duo, Philip Sparke: Pantomime/2 Part Invention, Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the bumblebee, Roy Newsome: Piece of Cake, Rossini: Largo al Factotum, Trad: Calon Lan, Monti: Czardas, Kosaku Yamada: Aka Tonbi
Catalog: TUCP04  Label: Doyen 022  Format: CD
  $15.00 USD!
(before 25.00)
You save: 40%

Offer!       Childs, David
"Celtic Charm(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Paul Lovatt-Cooper: Neath the Dublin Skies/ Donegal Bay, Trad(arr.Baker): Ar Lan y Môr (On the Sea Shore), Trad(arr.Newton): The Irish Washerwoman, Trad(arr.Ferni): Y Deryn Pur (The Dove), Benjamin Tubb: Amidst a Celtic Dream, Bill Whelan: Riverdance, Kenneth Downie: The Sally Gardens, Trad(arr.Roberts): Carrickfergus, Rodney Newton: Twm Siôn Cati/ Caelidh, Trad(arr.Small): Tros Y Gareg (Over the Stone), Peter Graham: A Minstrel Boy, Philip Wilby: A Celtic Charm, Trad(arr.Wood): Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Wheat), Darrol Barry: Reels and Jigs, Trad(arr.Childs): Danny Boy, Philip Sparke: A Final Fling
Catalog: TUCD15  Label: Doyen 214  Format: CD
  $15.00 USD!
(before 21.00)
You save: 29%

      Childs, Robert

Playlist: Kenneth Downie: Concerto for Euphonium (Eulogy), Joseph Horovitz: Euphonium Concerto, Rodney Newton: Concertino, John Golland: Euphonium Concerto #1 Op64, Philip Wilby: Concerto for Euphonium
Catalog: TUCR08  Label: Doyen 183  Format: CD
  $25.00 USD

Offer!       Childs, Robert
"Premiere (w/brass band)"

Playlist: Hummel:Fantasy, Capuzzi:Andante & Rondo, Mozart:Adagio & Rondo, Joseph Fiocco:Arioso & Allegro, Nigel Clarke:City in the Sea, Philip Wilby:Cto for Eu
Catalog: TUCP06  Label: Doyen 061  Format: CD
  $21.00 USD!
(before 25.00)
You save: 16%

Offer!       Corwell, Neal
"Distant Images (w/synthesizers)"

Playlist: Neal Corwell: New England Reveries/Siniyeh/Meditation/Distant Images/Odyssey/Night Song
Catalog: TUCN01  Label: Walking Frog 803  Format: CD
  $11.00 USD!
(before 15.00)
You save: 27%

Offer!       Craig, Mary Ann
"Out on a Limb (various acc)"

Playlist: Curnow:Symphonic Variants(w/Wind Ens), Gregory Fritze:Euphonistic Dance, David Baldwin:Cto for Al's Breakfast(w/Brass 5tet), Barton Cummings:Spring Suite(w/pno), Sigmund Romber:Serenade from 'The Student Prince'(w/Marimba), Thom Ritter George:Sonata for Baritone Hn & Pno CN139
Catalog: TUCM02  Label: Mark 1794  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 47%

Offer!       Emmerik, Matthew van
"'Neath Austral Skies(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Joe Cook: March Beaconsfield, Percy Code: 'Neath Austral Skies, Daniel Gare(arr.Mike Fitzpatrick: )You Raise Me Up Danny Boy, Helen Johnston: Anna Karenina/ Leonie/ Carissima Mia/ Anastasia/ Endeavour, Mike Fitzpatrick: At the Going Down of The Sun
Catalog: EUEM01  Label: World of Brass 24954  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD!
(before 25.00)
You save: 24%

Offer!       Emmerik, Matthew van

Playlist: Brahms: Sonatensatz, Mike Fitzpatrick: Utaki - The Sacred Grove, Janacek: Capriccio, Barry McKimm: Concerto for Euphonium, Bruckner: Etude
Catalog: EUEM02  Label: Summit 539  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 29%

Offer!       Euphoniums Unlimited
"Music for Euphonium Choir"

Playlist: Manning Sherwin: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, David Uber: Exhibitions(Brian Bowman soloist), Greg Danner: Runnin with Bydlo, Aldo Forte: Moser Cameos, Kirmo Lintinen: Lampi(Jukka Myllys soloist), Elizabeth Raum: A Little Monster Music, Neal Corwell: In the Cathedral(Brian Bowman soloist), William Brusick: By the Waters of Babylon, Duncan MacMillan: In Memoriam Sept 11 2001(Adam Frey soloist), Jim Self: Euphoniums Unlimited, Joshua Hauser: EuPhunk (Joshua Hauser soloist)
Catalog: TUEU03  Label: Mark 5543  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 47%

      Flaten, Tormod
"Norwegian Euphonium(w/band)"

Playlist: David Gillingham: Vintage, Edvard Grieg(arr.Aamodt): Ved Rundarne, Frode Thingnæs: Daydream, Craig Farr: Sonata de Camera(w/percussion), Trad & Knut Buen(arr.Giske): I Himmelen, Martin Ellerby: Euphonium Concerto, Sigvard Dagsland(arr.Rydland): Michelangelo, Ermanno Picchi & Simone Mantia(arr.Antrobus): Fantaisie Originale
Catalog: EUFT02  Label: Doyen 190  Format: CD
  $21.00 USD

Offer!       Frey, Adam
"Beyond the Horizon Vol.2 (w/pno)"

Playlist: William Brusick: Concerto for Euphonium, Jiro Censhu: The Window Opens to the Ocean, Philip Catelinet: Call of the Seasons, Martin Mikles: The Journey Home, James Stephenson: Sonata for Euphonium, Barbara York: Conversations for Saxophone Euphonium & Pno
Catalog: EUFA07  Label: EUPH 201  Format: CD
  $6.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 65%

Offer!       Frey, Adam
"Collected Dreams (w/synthesizers)"

Playlist: Playlist: Danny Boy(Londonderry Air)/ Arioso by Bach/ Shenandoah/ The Last Rose of Summer/ Ye banks & braes/ Ave Maria by Gounod/ Over Yandro/ The Swan by Saint Saens/ O Waly Waly/ Shall We Gather at the River/ Amazing Grace
Catalog: EUFA02  Label: EE 03  Format: CD
  $5.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 69%

      Frey, Adam
"Listen to This (w/pno)"

Playlist: Philip Sparke: Pantomine, Rachmaninov: Vocalise, Yasuhide Ito: Fantasy Variations, Puccini: Nessun Dorma from Turnadot, Vladimir Cosma: Eu Cto, Faure: Elegie in c, Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee, Manuel Ponce: Estrellita, Ermano Picchi: Fantaisie Originale
Catalog: EUFA01  Label: EE 2  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Frey, Adam
"Majestic Journey(w/orch)"

Playlist: Kevin Kaska: Majestic Journey/ Ballade, John Golland: Peace, Vladimir Cosma: Euphonium Concerto, Peter Graham: Brillante/ Pantomime
Catalog: EUFA06  Label: Naxos 570538  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD

Offer!       Frey, Adam
"Taking Flight(w/orch)"

Playlist: Ennieo Morricone: Gabriel's Oboe, Hugo Alfven: Valflickens Dans, Pablo de Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen(Gypsy Airs), Giacomo Puccini: Che gelida manina from La Boheme, Miguel Sandoval: Sin tu amor, Jules Massenet: Meditation from Thais, Allen Feinstein: Concerto for Euphonium(Swimming the Mountain)
Catalog: EUFA04  Label: MSR Classics 1248  Format: CD
  $7.00 USD!
(before 13.00)
You save: 46%

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