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Bassoon - Classical

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80 items

      Bassoon Brothers
"Captured! (3 Bs & 1 Contra Bs)"

Playlist: Copland: Fanfare for the Common Bassoonist, Lennon: Hey Jude, Partichala: Mexican Hat Dance, Rodgers: My Funny Valentine, Robinson: My Girl, Bizet: Carmen Crusader Ste, Ridout: Pigs, Trad: Yankee Doodle, Berry: Louie Louie Roll Out the Barrel, Sondheim: Send in the Clowns, Gounod: Funeral March of a Marionette, Gilbert & Sullivan: 3 Little Maids from the Mikado, Rota: The Godfather Ste, Strauss: Pizzicato Polka, Eubanks(arr.): Electronic Ste/ Londonderry Air
Catalog: BSBB02  Label: Crystal 875  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Bassoon Brothers
"Wanted! (3 Bs & 1 Contra Bs)"

Playlist: Gounod: Funeral March of a Marionette, Irving Berlin: Alexander's Ragtime Band, Carl Maria von Weber: Fantasy #1 from Cto in F, Grieg: Hall of the Mountain King, David Carroll: Wedding Guest, Hoagy Carmichael: Georgia on My Mind, Leo Delibes: Pizzicati, Leroy Anderson: Bugler's Holiday, Peter Schickele: Last Tango in Bayreuth/Blue Set #2, Pierre Dubois: Scherzo, Richard Rogers: Bewitched, Bizet: Dragoons, Dave Brubeck: Blue Rondo, Lowell Shaw: Frippery #19 & #2, J.Forest: Night Train, Trad: Red River Valley
Catalog: BSBB01  Label: Crystal 873  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

Offer!       Beck, Carolyn
"Beck and Call"

Playlist: André Previn: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, Marcel Bitsch: Concertino, Alex Shapiro: Of Breath and Touch Deep, Don Chamberlain: Beck and Call, Michal Spisak: Duetto Concertante, Moshe Zorman: A Grizzly's Dream
Catalog: BSBC05  Label: Crystal 846  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 47%

Offer!       Bettez, Michel
"Le Basson Romantique(w/pno)"

Playlist: Elgar: Romance Op62, Eugene Bourdeau: Premier Solo, Alessandro Longo: Ste Op69, William Hurlstone: Sonata in F, Balis Dvarionas: Theme & Variations, Saint-Saens: Sonate Op168
Catalog: BSBM01  Label: ATMA Classique 2198  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 18.00)
You save: 50%

Offer!       Bond, Danny
"6 Grandes Sonates from Nouvelle Methode de Bassoon(w/vlc)"

Playlist: Etienne Ozi: Sonatas 1-6. 70 min.
Catalog: BSBD04  Label: Accent 20142  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Breidenthal, David
"Bassoon Power(w/pno)"

Playlist: Henri Dutilleux: Sarabande et Cortege, Vincent Persichetti: Parable(unacc), Paul Chihara: Fleeting Shadows Still Reflections/ The Beauty of the Rose is in Its Passing, Gernot Wolfgang: Moody Blues, Alexandre Tansman: Ste for Bs, Zdenek Sestak: 5 Virtuoso Inventions
Catalog: BSBD06  Label: Crystal 842  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 47%

Offer!       Burns, Michael

Playlist: John Steinmetz: Sonata, Michael Burns: Two Aotearoa Sketches, David Kirby: Reverie and Dance, Ray Pizzi: Prima Vera, Ronald Klimko: Sonata for Bs & Pno (revised 1997)
Catalog: BSBM02  Label: Mark 8084  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Caliban 4tet
"Bassoonatics!(4 Bs)"

Playlist: Gershwin: 3 Preludes/I Got Rhythm, Brahms: 8 Waltzes from '16 waltzes'Op39, Sibelius: Little Ste from 'Tempest' op109/Sonatine #1 Op67, Hahn: 3 Postcards, Mitchel Clark: Madrigal, Mozart: Gigue K574, Anderson: Bassoonist's Holiday, McCue & Fields: I'm in the Mood for Love, Ellington: Caravan, Lennon & McCartney: Oh Darling, Stravinsky: Tango, Michael Welsh: Tango, Weill: Youkali, Piazzolla: Tango, Bill Douglas: Azure,
Catalog: BSCA01  Label: CBC Records 1116  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 18.00)
You save: 50%

Offer!       Carlini, Paolo
"Extendo: Works for Bassoon(various acc)"

Playlist: Ludivico Einaudi: Due Tramonti(w/pno), Gaetano Giani-Luporin: Ludo (w/ Tp & Clavicembalo), Dimitri Nicolau: Strassenmusik N.12 Op157(w/Sax), Carlo Boccadoro: Foglio D'Autunno(w/Tp & ContraBs & Pno), Giancarlo Cardini: Lamento per il Mio Fiore Perduto(w/pno), Mauro Castellano: Intermezzi(w/pno), Alessandro Solbiati: Am Fuss Des Gebirgs II (w/ SopSax & BariSax & Pno), Sylvano Bussotti: Solo(w/pno)
Catalog: BSCP02  Label: Materiali Sonori 90118  Format: CD
  $11.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 31%

Offer!       Carlini, Paolo
"Vivaldi Bassoon Concertos(w/orch)"

Playlist: Antonio Vivaldi: Cto in Eb Rv483/ Cto in F Rv485/ Cto in a Rv497/ Cto in bb Rv501/ Cto in a Rv498/ Cto in e Rv484/ Cto in bb Rv502
Catalog: BSCP04  Label: Tactus 672240  Format: CD
  $7.00 USD!
(before 14.00)
You save: 50%

Offer!       Coelho, Benjamin
"Bravura Bassoon"

Playlist: Heitor Villa-Lobos: Corrupio - Bailado for bassoon and string quintet, Johann Evangelist Brandl: Quintet in Bb Op52#1(w/string 4tet), Gordon Jacob: Suite for Bassoon and String Quartet, Bernhard Heiden: Serenade for Bassoo & Violin & Viola & Cello, Gerardo Dirié: Anjo Breve for bassoon and string quintet
Catalog: BSCB04  Label: Crystal 844  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 29%

Offer!       Coelho, Benjamin

Playlist: Bach: Sonata in Eb BWV1031, Beethoven: Sonata in D Op102#2, Schumann: Three Romances Op94, Brahms: Sonata in f Op120#1
Catalog: BSCB05  Label: MSR Classics 1237  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 14.00)
You save: 36%

Offer!       Davis, William
"Bassoon Fireworks(w/various acc)"

Playlist: Sofia Gubaidulina: Concerto for Bassoon & Low Strings, Lewis Nielson: Around Among Within, William Davis: Serenade(unacc)/ Fantasy & Presto for 2 bassoons(w/ Carl Nitchie-BS)
Catalog: BSDW02  Label: ACA Digital 20084  Format: CD
  $11.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 42%

Offer!       De Bolt, David
"A Musical Painting Comes to Life(w/pno)"

Playlist: Rossini: Cavatina from La Gazza Ladra, Franz Krommer: BS 4tet in Bb Op46 #1(w/string trio), Luigi Cherubini: Neris' Aria from Medea(w/mezzo-soprano & pno), Desire Dihau: Les Rois Mages, Casimir Lalliet: Fantaisie Brillante.
Catalog: BSDD02  Label: Crystal 841  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       De Bolt, David
"Bassoon Music for 20th Century America(w/pno)"

Playlist: Bernard Heiden:Serenade for BS Vln Vla & Cello, Willson Osborne:Rhapsody, Alvin Etler:Sonata, Marcel Farago:Variations, Bernard Garfield:Poeme
Catalog: BSDD01  Label: Crystal 347  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 47%

Offer!       Eifert, Otto
"Music for Bassoon and Strings"

Playlist: Alessandro Rolla: Concerto a Tre(w/vla & vlc), Ruth Crawford-Seeger: Diaphonic Ste #2(w/vlc), David Loeb: Suite(w/vlc), Peter Fricker: 3 Arguments (w/vlc), Michal Spisak: Duetto Concertante(w/vla), William Sydeman: Variations(w/vlc), Mozart: Sonata in Bb K292(w/vlc), Georges Bizet: Little Duet(w/vlc)
Catalog: BSOE02  Label: Gasparo 1021  Format: CD
  $4.00 USD!
(before 12.00)
You save: 67%