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Saxophone Sheet Music

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16 items

      02a.Trumpet & Other
"Innocent Sins"

Description: for Bb Trumpet and Eb Alto Saxophone. College Level recital work.
Catalog: TPiN10  
Composer/Arranger: Vollrath, Carl
  $12.00 USD

      Saxophone & Piano
"Concert Piece"

Description: for Eb Alto Saxophone & Pno
Catalog: SXCO01  
Composer/Arranger: Vollrath, Carl
  $16.00 USD

      Saxophone & Piano
"Happily Thinking Maybe"

Description: Four minute work for Baritone Saxophone and Piano.
Catalog: SXHA03  
Composer/Arranger: Clarkson, Greg
  $12.00 USD

      Saxophone & Piano
"Petite Theme and Variations"

Description: Petite Theme and Variations is a five measure theme with six variations. The variations and episodic connecting materials employ a variety of compositional styles slightly reminiscent of Scriabin, Handel, Franck, Gershwin, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff. The theme is designed to be open ended and is treated freely throughout the work. A beautifully lyrical composition appropriate for the advanced high school through college levels. A perfect addition to any program. 6'30" min.
Catalog: SXPE01  
Composer/Arranger: Patterson, Michael
  $10.00 USD

      Saxophone & Piano
"Sax Pieces for Eb Alto Saxophone & Piano"

Description: 2 movements: 1.Lyrical & 2.Bluish
Catalog: SXSA01  
Composer/Arranger: Vollrath, Carl
  $20.00 USD

      Saxophone & Piano

Description: for Alto Saxophone & Piano
Catalog: SXSO01  
Composer/Arranger: Vollrath, Carl
  $18.00 USD

      Saxophone & Piano
"Variation in Verse for Mezzo Soprano, Alto Saxophone & Piano"

Description: Settings of 55 Rural Poems by John Gracen Brown. Total of 160 pages pno music & 32 pages Sx music.
Catalog: SXVA01  
Composer/Arranger: Vollrath, Carl
  $98.00 USD

      Saxophone & Pno

Description: A single movement, quasi programmatic work that musically depicts some of the ideas and emotions related to one of the most historic and important events in Jewish History titled Masada. At times it is dissonant and powerful, at others, beautiful and sublime as it covers a broad range of musical ideas associated with the actual event. Difficult to play, but accessible to performers and audience on a single hearing. 14min.
Catalog: SXMA01  
Composer/Arranger: Albrecht, Ron
  $16.00 USD

      Saxophone Duet
"Sonata for Two Similar Saxophones"

Description: Modern work for College Recital. Can be played by 2 altos or 2 tenors or 2 bari saxes.
Catalog: SXSO02  
Composer/Arranger: Copley, Evan
  $12.00 USD

      Saxophone Duet

Description: Three movements for two Eb Alto Saxophones. College level.
Catalog: SXTR01  
Composer/Arranger: Burkett, Bryan
  $8.00 USD

      Saxophone Duet & Pno
"A Little Night Music"

Description: Alto and Tenor Saxophone Duet with Piano accompaniment. College level.
Catalog: SXLi01  
Composer/Arranger: Burkett, Bryan
  $12.00 USD

      Saxophone Quartet
"Saxophone Quartet #1"

Description: Modern work for College Recital.
Catalog: SXQU01  
Composer/Arranger: Copley, Evan
  $26.00 USD

      Saxophone Trio
"Stephen Foster Salute"

Description: for 1 Alto & 1 Tenor & 1 Baritone Saxophone (Medley includes: Old Kentucky Home, Camptown Races, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Swanee River, Oh Susannah)
Catalog: SXST01  
Composer/Arranger: Drahozal, Peter
  $8.00 USD

      Saxophone Trio
"Under the Double Eagle"

Description: March by Josef Franz Wagner(1902) for 2 Altos & 1 Tenor Saxophones. High school level. Duration = 3:30
Catalog: SXUN01  
Composer/Arranger: Drahozal, Peter
  $8.00 USD

      Unaccompanied Saxophone
"Four Images for Saxophone"

Description: These four images, distinctly different, show the character of the saxophone and its ability to portray different ideas through its techniques and sounds. College Level recital piece.
Catalog: SXFO01  
Composer/Arranger: Stampe, Tyler
  $9.00 USD

      Unaccompanied Saxophone
"Vetro di trina"

Description: for Alto Saxophone Solo. Requires some altissimo playing. College recital piece. Dedicated to Timothy McAllister.
Catalog: SXVE01  
Composer/Arranger: Burkett, Bryan
  $4.00 USD