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Bassoon Sheet Music

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11 items

      Bassoon & Other
"A Little Chamber Music for Flute Clarinet & Bassoon"

Description: This trio consists of a march, a waltz, and a rondo. The 2 outer movements are whimsical & bright, featuring abrupt modulations. The waltz is slower & rather nostalgic, with each instrument sharing fragments of the melody. Playable by high school and college students.
Catalog: BSLi01  
Composer/Arranger: Jordahl, Robert
  $12.00 USD

      Bassoon & Other
"Five Whimsies for Horn & Bassoon"

Description: Written for husband-wife colleagues and friends of the composer. tongue-in-cheek humor and lots of fun for performers and audience.
Catalog: BSFI01  
Composer/Arranger: Jordahl, Robert
  $8.00 USD

      Bassoon & Other
"Greensleeves for Flute, Bassoon, and Organ"

Description: Arranged orginally for flute, cello and organ, this trio can be played effectively with any soprano instrument, bassoon and any keyboard instrument. Advanced High school level.
Catalog: BSGR01  
Composer/Arranger: Robertson, Donna
  $8.00 USD

      Bassoon & Other
"Three Fantasies for Woodwind Duo (Opus 402)"

Description: Delightful chamber music piece for Clarinet in Bb & Bassoon. Time=6:25
Catalog: BSTH01  
Composer/Arranger: Uber, David
  $6.00 USD

      Bassoon & Other
"Trio Sonata for Oboe, Bassoon & Piano"

Description: Each instrument weaves its independent, lively, intricate, melodious line through the interesting and contrapuntal texture of this three movement sonata of contemporary tonal music.
Catalog: BSTR01  
Composer/Arranger: Blumenfeld, Aaron
  $30.00 USD

      Bassoon & Piano
"Elegy for Eric Anasco"

Description: Dedicated to a former student, the solo is divided into these parts: elegy theme (sense of loss)... spiritual growth... personality-humor... college life... spiritual struggle... physical death... harmony with God. College level.
Catalog: BSEL01  
Composer/Arranger: Britton, David
  $10.00 USD

      Bassoon & Piano
"Haley's Dance"

Catalog: BSHA04  
Composer/Arranger: Vollrath, Carl
  $12.00 USD

      Bassoon & Piano
"Hayley's Aria"

Catalog: BSHA03  
Composer/Arranger: Vollrath, Carl
  $8.00 USD

      Bassoon & Piano
"Sonata for Bassoon & Piano"

Description: Challenging modern work, but accessible to intelligent listeners. Good college recital material.
Catalog: BSSO02  
Composer/Arranger: Copley, Evan
  $16.00 USD

      Bassoon & Piano
"Sonata for Bassoon & Piano"

Description: A bassoonist in search for songful, soulful music will find this three movement sonata (with an especially lively third movement) very appealing.
Catalog: BSSO01  
Composer/Arranger: Blumenfeld, Aaron
  $20.00 USD

      Bassoon Alone

Description: 3 movements - 1.Andante Expressivo, 2.With Expression, 3.Pennsyltucky Polka. Challenging modern work suitable for recital.
Catalog: BSFA01  
Composer/Arranger: Fetter, David J.
  $7.00 USD