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Bassoon - Classical

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Offer!       Nigro, Susan

Playlist: Rossini: Cavatina from La Gazza Ladra, Rossini: Introduction Theme and Variations from Quartet #6/ Allegro, Albinoni: Adagio in g, Vivaldi: Sonata #3 in a, Besozzi: Sonata in Bb, Nussio: Divertimento, Procaccini: Moments
Catalog: BSNS06  Label: Crystal 845  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Nigro, Susan
"Little Tunes for the Big Bassoon(contrabassoon & pno)"

Playlist: Debussy:Jimbo's Lullaby, Cherubini:Morceau pour leBasson, Desmond:Take 5, Hagen:Harlem Noctourne, Mancini:Pink Panther, Tartini:Suite, Gemiani:Allegro, Bozza:Burlesque, Ruth Gipps:Honey-Colored Cow/The Ox & The Ass/Leviaton, Phillips:Concert Piece, Laudenslager:Little Ste, Organn:Romance, Davis:Variations on Robt.Schumann, del Negro:Down in the Deep Cellar, Fucik:Der Alte Brommbar, Trad:CL Polka/Tarantella Napoletano
Catalog: BSNS02  Label: Crystal 348  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Nigro, Susan
"New Tunes for the Big Bassoon(w/pno)"

Playlist: Barton Cummings: Concertino/ Arioso, Timothy Grassel: Reminiscences, P.Kellach Waddle: Broken Icicle Twilight/ Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Edward McKenna: Bagatelle, Ann Marie Kurrasch: Ponderings from the Pond, Graham Powning: Sonata
Catalog: BSNS05  Label: Crystal 843  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Nigro, Susan
"Original Tunes for the Big Bassoon (contrabassoon w/pno)"

Playlist: Ann Kurrasch: A Day at the Park, Frank Proto: Little Suite for the Big Bassoon(unacc), Elaine Fine: More Greek Myths & Harlequin Sonata, Joel Bjorling: Night Shadows & Dreamscapes(unacc), David Stybr: ContraBassooNova, Giorgio Koukl: Potato polca
Catalog: BSNS07  Label: Crystal 847  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Nigro, Susan
"The 2 Contras (Contra BS Duets w/Burl Lane-Contra BS)"

Playlist: Daniel Dorff: Sonatina d'Amore, Etienne Ozi: Sonata #1, Arthur Weisberg: From the Deep(w/pno), Mozart: Sonata for BS & Vlc (on Contras), Johann Vanhal: Cto in F(w/pno), Michael Curtis: Impish Imp
Catalog: BSNS03  Label: Crystal 349  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Nigro, Susan
"The Big Bassoon (Contrabassoon w/pno)"

Playlist: Vazgen Muradian:Contrabassoon Cto, Donald Draganski:Heart's Desire, Alan Palider:Narwhal, Ralph Nicholson:Minature Ste, Frank Warren:Music for Contrabassoon & Pno, Matt Doran 4 Mvmts
Catalog: BSNS01  Label: Crystal 346  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Perkins, Laurence
"Bassoon Concertos(w/orch)"

Playlist: Mozart: Cto in Bb K191, Michael Haydn: Concertino in Bb Perger 52-5, Karl Stamitz: Cto in F, Carl Maria von Weber: Andante e Rondo Ungarese Op35/ Cto in F Op75
Catalog: BSPL02  Label: Hyperion 67288  Format: CD
  $5.00 USD!
(before 21.00)
You save: 76%

      Popov, Valeri
"Gubaidulina: Works for Bassoon(w/orch)"

Playlist: Sofia Gubaidulina: Duo Sonata/Quasi hoquetus/Cto for Bs & Low Strings. 3 Works written especially for Valeri.
Catalog: BSPV06  Label: Chandos 9717  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

Offer!       Richards, Ronald
"Buried Treasures Ensemble(w/soprano, Bs & Pno)"

Catalog: OBRR01  Label: Crystal 649  Format: LP
  $1.00 USD!
(before 8.00)
You save: 88%

Offer!       Rudiakov, Dimitri
"Works for Bassoon(w/pno)"

Playlist: Francois Devienne: Sonata in g Op24#5, Saint-Saens: Sonata Op168, Alexandre Tansman: Sonatine, Balis Dvarionas: Thema mit Variationen, Eugene Bozza: Fantaisie, Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee, Anatoli Ljadow: Prelude, Viktor Kuprevich: Rondo Op56
Catalog: BSRD01  Label: CDP 9501  Format: CD
  $7.00 USD!
(before 20.00)
You save: 65%

Offer!       Skinner, Richard
"The Fibonacci Sequence"

Playlist: C.M.Weber: Andante and Rondo Ungarese Op35(w/string trio), Henri Sauguet: Barcarolle (w/harp), Jacques Ibert: Cinq Pieces en Trio(w/ob & cl), Gordon Jacob: Suite(w/string 4tet), Mozart: 5tet in Eb K452(w/Ob Cl Hn & Pno)
Catalog: BSSR01  Label: Deux-Elles 1104  Format: CD
  $11.00 USD!
(before 18.00)
You save: 39%

      Stees, Barrick
"Nostalgica(w/string 4tet)"

Playlist: Charles Ruggiero: Blues Time Changes, Miguel del Aguila: Nostalgica Op60/ Sunset Song Op42, Daniel McCarthy: All the West Was Moving
Catalog: BSSB03  Label: Centaur 2564  Format: CD
  $18.00 USD

Offer!       Stees, Barrick
"Romantic Bassoon(w/pno)"

Playlist: Huristone:Sonata in F, Mignone:16 Valsas Para Fagote Solo, Berwald:Concert Piece Op.2
Catalog: BSSB01  Label: Mark 1380  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 47%